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Since 2011, Shades of Shabby has been a haven for collectors and those with an eye for the unique vintage treasure in Waco, TX. With a wide selection of unique collectibles and repurposed furniture items, we're not your average vintage store. We take pride in providing a special place for shabby enthusiasts to find quality reclaimed and repurposed products.

After our two sons left home to go to college, my husband and I saw this furniture and repurposing style and fell in love!! We knew we could do it and we knew we would enjoy it. We love working together....we enjoy picking, painting, repurposing, loading, staging and selling.....then it starts all over with picking! Now that I'm retired from a 30-year career in education, I have more time to focus on the business and to help you find exactly what you're looking for!

Make your home your story! Every home should be a reflection of not necessarily how we feel, but how we want to feel. Our homes should be the place we retreat to after a long day as well as a place to share with others we enjoy being around. Having fun and unique items in your home is a great way to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Here's to helping you find your Shade of the Shabby life!

-Katie Russell

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