Sweet Ellie Mae's Road Trip Cover

Sweet Ellie Mae's Road Trip

Children will love climbing into the passenger seat of Sweet Ellie Mae - a 1950 GMC pick up truck - and going pinkin'! Sweet Ellie Mae and her owner Katie, love to go pickin' and junkin' along the country roads of Texas. Finding items that are unloved and making them into items that are loved and wanted by others is what Sweet Ellie Mae and Katie love to do. Seeing beyond the imperfections to the potential in "junk" is what pickin' and junkin' is all about.

Ride along with Katie and Sweet Ellie Mae as they find unloved treasures to transform and share with others.

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Thank you and we know you and your family will enjoy reading this book!


Co-Authors: Katie Russell and Julie Weeks

Illustrator: Julie Weeks

Katie finds and restores furniture and collectibles for Shades of Shabby, her vintage shop in Waco, Texas. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Baylor University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University.

Julie is an illustrator who has a private counseling practice in Groves, Texas. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from East Texas Baptist University and a Masters in Education from Lamar University.

Katie and Julie are cousins and share a lot of the same interests. Both have a background in education and value reading in the lives of young children. If you would like for Katie and Julie to visit your school and read to your students, please message us on our website.

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